Using BoB National to create engaging video clips

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Using BoB National

I love using videos in workshops and presentations. A good video not only has the power to communicate and emphasise an idea effectively, it can also add something completely different to a session, often leading to increased engagement from the group you’re working with.

But finding relevant clips on YouTube can be a real challenge. I’ve often found myself searching for the perfect one only to give up because I couldn’t find anything. So when I found out about the BoB National video service I was curious to see what I could do with it.

BoB National is an off-air on demand TV and radio service which can be used to search programmes from across all free to view channels (that’s over 2 million broadcasts dating back to the 1990s!). But it’s not just another iPlayer – not only can you watch videos using BoB National, you can also create your own clips.

If you work for a  university, the chances are it will be on the list of subscribing institutions. Just use your university username and password – it’s as simple as that.

The website has recently undergone an upgrade which now means users have better functionality when it comes to searching and editing clips, as well as the ability to view videos across desktop, iOS and Android devices. The website has also increased the number of videos you can create every day from five to ten.

Although using BoB National to find a good clip still requires some leg-work overall it’s a useful tool to find videos for workshops and presentations. The website used to allow users the option of embedding clips to PowerPoints and VLEs. This hasn’t yet been reinstated but I’m hoping it will be in the next few weeks.

I’ve recently saved some videos from The Job Interview which I plan to use with students when covering body language and interview questions. I also love this clip from Fresh Meat on how not to receive feedback:

Do you use videos in talks and workshops? Do you have any favourite clips?

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