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Welcome to A Careers Caseload, a blog where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on various topics relating to careers work in higher education.

Why I’ve decided to start this blog

We need more higher education careers adviser blogs

Firstly, there are very few higher educations careers adviser blogs. I’ve been reading these blogs since before I started working as a Careers Adviser and think the careers world would be a better place if there were more of them. Although we have LinkedIn groups for careers professionals, these aren’t widely used and so I hope that other careers professionals will share their thoughts and opinions here too.

Professional development

My second motivation for starting this blog is related to my own professional development. As many careers advisers are aware, reflection has a big role to play in what we do. Although I won’t be using this blog as a professional journal, I do think it’s important to share the challenges and issues we encounter, as well as the success stories and things that have worked well.

Helping others is what we do!

The last reason I’ve started A Careers Caseload is that when I was looking into becoming a Careers Adviser, I was surprised how little there was online about what working in careers is like. When starting my PgDip/QCG, I felt unsure what I was really letting myself in for. I would have really valued more blogs to gain insight into the field. I want my blog to be informative for not just those already established as careers professionals, but for those who are just starting out.

About me

For those of you who are interested in who I am, my name is Sarah Blunt and I work as a Careers Adviser in HE. For more details on my professional background you can see my profile on LinkedIn.

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